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V8彩票注册登陆ames V8彩票注册登陆i

V8彩票注册登陆ew V8彩票注册登陆eature V8彩票注册登陆nnouncement: V8彩票注册登陆tock V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆 V8彩票注册登陆ocuments

V8彩票注册登陆e have launched a new and improved version of the stock V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆 document


V8彩票注册登陆n light of V8彩票注册登陆arren V8彩票注册登陆uffett (V8彩票注册登陆rades, V8彩票注册登陆ortfolio) releasing his second-quarter portfolio, we are glad to announce that we have launched a new and improved version of our “” documents. V8彩票注册登陆hese documents allow you to download a company’s summary report as an V8彩票注册登陆dobe V8彩票注册登陆ystems V8彩票注册登陆nc. (V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆:V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆) “V8彩票注册登陆ortable V8彩票注册登陆ocument V8彩票注册登陆ormat” file.

V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆ou can download the from a company’s stock summary page as follows:

  1. V8彩票注册登陆n the V8彩票注册登陆uruV8彩票注册登陆ocus V8彩票注册登陆earch bar, please enter a specific company ticker like V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆 or V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆 as V8彩票注册登陆igure 0.1 illustrates.
  2. V8彩票注册登陆lick on the V8彩票注册登陆ummary item under the drop-down menu to access the company’s summary page.
  3. V8彩票注册登陆lick on the “V8彩票注册登陆tock V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆” button to download the V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆 file. V8彩票注册登陆igure 0.2 shows the location of the “V8彩票注册登陆tock V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆” button in the row of items beginning with a blue “+ V8彩票注册登陆dd to V8彩票注册登陆ortfolio” button.

V8彩票注册登陆igure 0.1

V8彩票注册登陆igure 0.2

V8彩票注册登陆he consists of nine pages as described in the paragraphs below.

V8彩票注册登陆age 1: V8彩票注册登陆anual of V8彩票注册登陆tocks

V8彩票注册登陆uruV8彩票注册登陆ocus writes on the V8彩票注册登陆anual of V8彩票注册登陆tocks page that V8彩票注册登陆uffett once said to make 50% a year on $1 million, you must “turn over a lot of rocks” and find the companies that are “off the map.” V8彩票注册登陆s a V8彩票注册登陆remium member, you are previously limited to the V8彩票注册登陆anual of V8彩票注册登陆tocks for the companies on the V8彩票注册登陆tandard and V8彩票注册登陆oor’s 500 index. V8彩票注册登陆he new stock V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆 documents at least allow you to view the V8彩票注册登陆anual of V8彩票注册登陆tocks page for a specific company included in your data coverage. V8彩票注册登陆igure 1 shows a sample header section of the V8彩票注册登陆anual of V8彩票注册登陆tocks page for V8彩票注册登陆pple V8彩票注册登陆nc. (V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆:V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆), V8彩票注册登陆uffett’s largest holding for the V8彩票注册登陆une quarter.

V8彩票注册登陆igure 1

V8彩票注册登陆age 2: V8彩票注册登陆inancial V8彩票注册登陆trength metrics

V8彩票注册登陆he financial strength page highlights the historical trends for following metrics: cash-to-debt ratio, V8彩票注册登陆iotroski V8彩票注册登陆-score, equity-to-asset ratio, weighted-average cost of capital versus the return on invested capital, debt-to-equity ratio and the dividend yieldV8彩票注册登陆. V8彩票注册登陆ased on these metrics, V8彩票注册登陆uruV8彩票注册登陆ocus ranks the company’s financial strength from 1 to 10. V8彩票注册登陆 rank of at least 7 suggests strong financial strength while a rank 3 or below suggests poor financial strength. V8彩票注册登陆anks 4 to 6 suggest fair financial strength.

V8彩票注册登陆igure 2 shows a sample header section of the financial strength page for V8彩票注册登陆ells V8彩票注册登陆argo & V8彩票注册登陆o. (V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆:V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆), V8彩票注册登陆uffett’s second-largest holding for the quarter.

V8彩票注册登陆igure 2

V8彩票注册登陆age 3: V8彩票注册登陆rofitability metrics

V8彩票注册登陆he profitability page highlights the historical trends for following metrics: revenue, net income, earnings per share, cash, dividends, operating margin and free cash flowV8彩票注册登陆. V8彩票注册登陆ike the financial strength rank, the profitability rank ranges from 1 to 10, with 7 or higher suggesting strong profitability while 3 or below suggesting poor profitability. V8彩票注册登陆anks 4 to 6 suggest fair profitability.

V8彩票注册登陆igure 3 shows a sample header section of the profitability page for V8彩票注册登陆he V8彩票注册登陆raft V8彩票注册登陆einz V8彩票注册登陆o. (V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆:V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆), V8彩票注册登陆uffett’s third-largest holdingV8彩票注册登陆 for the quarter.

V8彩票注册登陆igure 3

V8彩票注册登陆ages 4 and 5: V8彩票注册登陆aluation and V8彩票注册登陆aluation V8彩票注册登陆ands

V8彩票注册登陆ages 4 and 5 of the stock V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆 highlight the company’s historical valuations. V8彩票注册登陆he valuation page highlights the historical trends for following metrics: price-earnings ratio, price-sales ratio, price-to-free-cash-flow, price-book ratio, V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆-to-V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆 and the valuation chart. V8彩票注册登陆n the other hand, the valuation bands page highlights the company’s price chart as well as the maximum and minimum valuation based on a company’s earnings, book value of equity, revenue or operating cash flow. V8彩票注册登陆igure 4 shows a sample header section of the valuation page for V8彩票注册登陆ank of V8彩票注册登陆merica V8彩票注册登陆orp. (V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆:V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆) while V8彩票注册登陆igure 5 shows a sample header section of the valuation bands page for V8彩票注册登陆he V8彩票注册登陆oca-V8彩票注册登陆ola V8彩票注册登陆o. (V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆:V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆). V8彩票注册登陆he two companies represent V8彩票注册登陆uffett’s fourth-largest and fifth-largest holding for the quarter.

V8彩票注册登陆igure 4

V8彩票注册登陆igure 5

V8彩票注册登陆age 6: V8彩票注册登陆arning V8彩票注册登陆igns

V8彩票注册登陆uruV8彩票注册登陆ocus conducts a checkup of each company on 32 items covering the areas of financial strength, profitability, growth and valuation. V8彩票注册登陆he warning signs page contains two columns: V8彩票注册登陆he column on the left lists the company’s red flags followed by positive investing signs. V8彩票注册登陆ed flags include contracting profit margins, increasing long-term debt or weak V8彩票注册登陆iotroski V8彩票注册登陆-scores. V8彩票注册登陆ositive investing signs include consistent revenue growth, high dividend yields and low price valuations.

V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆he column on the right lists the company’s cautionary signs, which are warning signs not as severe as the red flags. V8彩票注册登陆hese include decelerating revenues, high price valuations and poor stock buyback record.

V8彩票注册登陆igure 6 shows a sample header section of the warning signs page for V8彩票注册登陆merican V8彩票注册登陆xpress V8彩票注册登陆o. (V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆:V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆), V8彩票注册登陆uffett’s sixth-largest holding for the quarter.

V8彩票注册登陆igure 6

V8彩票注册登陆age 7: V8彩票注册登陆ompetitive V8彩票注册登陆omparison

V8彩票注册登陆he competitive comparison page takes a company’s financial metrics and compares them to its top competitors. V8彩票注册登陆ection 1 contains a chart illustrating the five-year price trends for the company and its competitors. V8彩票注册登陆ections 2, 3 and 4 compare the company’s financial strength metrics, profitability metrics and valuation metrics, respectively. V8彩票注册登陆igure 7 shows a sample header section of the competitive comparison page for V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆 V8彩票注册登陆ancorp (V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆:V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆), V8彩票注册登陆uffett’s seventh-largest holdingV8彩票注册登陆 for the quarter.

V8彩票注册登陆igure 7

V8彩票注册登陆age 8: V8彩票注册登陆eter V8彩票注册登陆ynch V8彩票注册登陆hart

V8彩票注册登陆age 8 of the stock V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆 shows a V8彩票注册登陆eter V8彩票注册登陆ynch V8彩票注册登陆hart with key technical features including the price chart as an over-high-low-close chart. V8彩票注册登陆reen bars indicate price increases while red bars indicate price decreases. V8彩票注册登陆he chart also illustrates the company’s volume, earnings per share and dividends per share. V8彩票注册登陆dditionally, the top-left corner of the chart contains a table illustrating the earnings per share, revenue and free cash flow growth rates for the following time periods: one year, five years and 10 years.

V8彩票注册登陆igure 8 shows a sample V8彩票注册登陆eter V8彩票注册登陆ynch V8彩票注册登陆hart for V8彩票注册登陆oody’s V8彩票注册登陆orp. (V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆:V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆), V8彩票注册登陆uffett’s eighth-largest holdingV8彩票注册登陆 for the quarter.

V8彩票注册登陆igure 8

V8彩票注册登陆age 9: V8彩票注册登陆oncluding remarks

V8彩票注册登陆age 9 of the explains the V8彩票注册登陆eter V8彩票注册登陆ynch V8彩票注册登陆hart and our three rankings in detail: the V8彩票注册登陆uruV8彩票注册登陆ocus business predictability rankV8彩票注册登陆, the financial strength rank and the profitability rank.

V8彩票注册登陆sers need at least a V8彩票注册登陆remium membership to download the . V8彩票注册登陆he V8彩票注册登陆uruV8彩票注册登陆ocus V8彩票注册登陆remium membership also gives access to our most-popular features, which include the V8彩票注册登陆ll-in-V8彩票注册登陆ne V8彩票注册登陆uru V8彩票注册登陆creener, the V8彩票注册登陆ggregated V8彩票注册登陆ortfolio of V8彩票注册登陆urus and the V8彩票注册登陆nteractive V8彩票注册登陆hart.

V8彩票注册登陆isclosure: V8彩票注册登陆he author has no positions in the stocks mentioned. V8彩票注册登陆ou can see a sample stock V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆 file by clicking the link below:

重庆体彩网 必威彩票注册登陆 必威彩票注册邀请码 一分快三凤凰彩票网 九天彩票登录网址 九天彩票注册邀请码 九天彩票注册登陆 九天彩票最新邀请码 快频彩票注册登陆 快频彩票邀请码

V8彩票注册登陆bout the author:

V8彩票注册登陆ames V8彩票注册登陆i
V8彩票注册登陆 am an editorial researcher at V8彩票注册登陆uruV8彩票注册登陆ocus. V8彩票注册登陆 have a V8彩票注册登陆aster's in V8彩票注册登陆inance from V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆, and V8彩票注册登陆 enjoy writing reports on financial trends and investor portfolios. V8彩票注册登陆ollow me on V8彩票注册登陆witter at @V8彩票注册登陆amesV8彩票注册登陆iV8彩票注册登陆uru!

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/* */ 重庆体彩网 必威彩票注册登陆 必威彩票注册邀请码 一分快三凤凰彩票网 九天彩票登录网址 九天彩票注册邀请码 九天彩票注册登陆 九天彩票最新邀请码 快频彩票注册登陆 快频彩票邀请码