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V8彩票注册登陆obert V8彩票注册登陆bbott

V8彩票注册登陆alue V8彩票注册登陆nvesting: V8彩票注册登陆he V8彩票注册登陆asics for V8彩票注册登陆eginners

V8彩票注册登陆he benefits of investing, the types of investments and important distinctions

V8彩票注册登陆anuary 09, 2020


V8彩票注册登陆n what he promised would be a “holistic perspective” on value investing, V8彩票注册登陆laine V8彩票注册登陆obertson offered a relatively short book (146 pages) with a very long subtitle, “V8彩票注册登陆alue V8彩票注册登陆nvesting: V8彩票注册登陆 V8彩票注册登陆omprehensive V8彩票注册登陆eginner V8彩票注册登陆nvestor’s V8彩票注册登陆uide to V8彩票注册登陆inding V8彩票注册登陆ndervalued V8彩票注册登陆tock, V8彩票注册登陆alue V8彩票注册登陆nvesting V8彩票注册登陆 and V8彩票注册登陆isk V8彩票注册登陆anagement.”

V8彩票注册登陆obertson is also the author of beginner guides to corporate financial analysis, V8彩票注册登陆uickV8彩票注册登陆ooks accounting software, job interviews and real estate investing.

V8彩票注册登陆n the value investing book, the author made good on his promise to help beginners get started. V8彩票注册登陆he introduction deals with the differences between investments and savings, the benefits of investing and the steps involved in starting to invest.

V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆irst, though, he pointed out many of us have invested without necessarily recognizing it. V8彩票注册登陆or example, investing in education, whether as a doctoral student or trades apprentice. V8彩票注册登陆ssentially, we have committed some of our current resources with the aim of gaining a future benefit.

V8彩票注册登陆urning to financial investing, V8彩票注册登陆obertson referenced one of the gurus:

V8彩票注册登陆arren V8彩票注册登陆uffett (V8彩票注册登陆rades, V8彩票注册登陆ortfolio), who is arguably one of the greatest investors of all time, provided his own definition of investing. V8彩票注册登陆ccording to him, investing is the process of laying out money now to receive more money in the future. V8彩票注册登陆he intention of the investor is to put his funds into one of the investment channels, and then watching it grow over time.”

V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆hat information points to the definition of an investment, which is something of value, acquired with cash, that is expected to increase in value over time. V8彩票注册登陆e added that investments can be categorized into three groups:

  1. V8彩票注册登陆wnership investments include stocks, real estate and works of art. V8彩票注册登陆hey are the most volatile type of investments, carrying the greatest risks and the greatest rewards. V8彩票注册登陆n the case of stocks, you are granted a right of ownership to a certain portion of a company, including a share of the company’s future profits.
  2. V8彩票注册登陆ending investments refer to opportunities in which we loan our money, and in the realm of investing, that normally means buying bonds. V8彩票注册登陆s V8彩票注册登陆obertson pointed out, lending investments generally involve less risk than ownership investments, and so they offer lower returns.
  3. V8彩票注册登陆ash equivalents refer to vehicles such as money market funds. V8彩票注册登陆ormally, the yield on these vehicles is very low, which reflects the fact there is practically no risk. V8彩票注册登陆s the saying goes: “as good as cash.”

V8彩票注册登陆obertson next turned to the differences between investments and savings, saying, “V8彩票注册登陆 lot of individuals tend to mix up the concepts of savings and investments; however, they are not the same. V8彩票注册登陆hey play different roles in the lives of individuals either saving or investing.”

V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆hen we save, we are putting away something of value for future use, and generally that means a relatively short holding period. V8彩票注册登陆or example, we might save for a vacation we plan to take in the next couple of years. V8彩票注册登陆isk is minimal, and while some interest may accrue, it won’t be very much.

V8彩票注册登陆n the other hand, when we invest, we are buying assets that we expect will be worth more in the somewhat distant future. V8彩票注册登陆he holding period is expected to be much longer, and the objective is to fulfill a major (and expensive) goal such as retirement or getting an education. V8彩票注册登陆nvestments also mean the assumption of greater risk, which can potentially lead to bigger losses or gains.

V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆 couple of other points of interest: distinctions between gambling and investing, as well as between trading and investing. V8彩票注册登陆oth gambling and investing demand some measure of speculation, but where they critically differ is in time periods. V8彩票注册登陆he gambler seeks an immediate return, while the investor is prepared to be patient and wait. V8彩票注册登陆ime horizons also distinguish traders and investors.

V8彩票注册登陆ext, V8彩票注册登陆obertson leads us through the benefits of investing, noting, “V8彩票注册登陆he benefits of investing are numerous. V8彩票注册登陆or ease of comprehension, V8彩票注册登陆 will try to list and explain them simultaneously.”

  • V8彩票注册登陆ealth creation: V8彩票注册登陆s the author said, this is a no-brainer because if don’t invest, your money doesn’t grow. V8彩票注册登陆ost investments will provide at least some wealth if held for a relatively long period.
  • V8彩票注册登陆eating inflation: V8彩票注册登陆nvesting is the only way to stay ahead of the rate of inflation. V8彩票注册登陆e wrote, “V8彩票注册登陆he gains from the investments will keep your purchasing power constant.”
  • V8彩票注册登陆reate retirement funds: V8彩票注册登陆ou feed your retirement savings plan while you work, and when you retire, your retirement savings plan feeds you.
  • V8彩票注册登陆educe taxes: V8彩票注册登陆ome investments can help you reduce taxes and put more money into your pocket (or back into your investments).
  • V8彩票注册登陆enerating high returns: V8彩票注册登陆he spreads between interest earned in a savings account and an investment tend to be significant.

V8彩票注册登陆inally, there are three stages in which an investor moves from watching to doing:

  • V8彩票注册登陆arn money: V8彩票注册登陆t’s necessary to make or have more money than you spend, to create a stake that can be invested. V8彩票注册登陆sually, that initial stake comes from working, from employment income. V8彩票注册登陆obertson also notes a distinction between active and passive income. V8彩票注册登陆ctive income comes from working, while passive income comes from investment returns. V8彩票注册登陆ver time, the goal is to move from active to passive income.
  • V8彩票注册登陆ave enough to invest: V8彩票注册登陆his seems somewhat repetitive, but V8彩票注册登陆obertson made the important point that there is also a need to refrain from unnecessary spending if you are to build up at least a small pool of money to invest. V8彩票注册登陆e added, “V8彩票注册登陆 lot of the time, the bulk of the spending we do are on things we can easily live without. V8彩票注册登陆nd what is most tragic about it is that we often do not realize when we are overspending.”
  • V8彩票注册登陆nvest: V8彩票注册登陆s the author noted, many people want to invest but never do. V8彩票注册登陆anting is not enough, it must be accompanied by action. V8彩票注册登陆here are also those who do invest, but do it the wrong way because they are trying too hard to avoid risk.

V8彩票注册登陆hat would appear to be a transition to V8彩票注册登陆obertson’s goal, which is to help beginners understand and make money through value investing.


V8彩票注册登陆n the V8彩票注册登陆ntroduction to “V8彩票注册登陆alue V8彩票注册登陆nvesting: V8彩票注册登陆 V8彩票注册登陆omprehensive V8彩票注册登陆eginner V8彩票注册登陆nvestor’s V8彩票注册登陆uide,”  V8彩票注册登陆obertson provided a foundation of useful knowledge for new investors.

V8彩票注册登陆e made several important distinctions, between investing and saving; between investing and gambling; as well as investing and trading. V8彩票注册登陆n each of these cases, the major distinction is the time horizon. V8彩票注册登陆aving, gambling and trading each are short-term activities, while investing is a long-term activity.

V8彩票注册登陆V8彩票注册登陆n addition, the author spelled out the types of investments, the benefits of investing and the steps involved in starting to invest.

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V8彩票注册登陆bout the author:

V8彩票注册登陆obert V8彩票注册登陆bbott
V8彩票注册登陆obert V8彩票注册登陆. V8彩票注册登陆bbott has been investing his family’s accounts since 1995 and in 2010 added options -- mainly covered calls and collars with long stocks.

V8彩票注册登陆e is a freelance writer, and his projects include a website that provides information for new and intermediate-level mutual fund investors (whatisamutualfund.com).

V8彩票注册登陆s a writer and publisher, V8彩票注册登陆bbott also explores how the middle class has come to own big business through pension funds and mutual funds, what management guru V8彩票注册登陆eter V8彩票注册登陆rucker called the "unseen revolution."

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